New Israeli military ship guaranteed to win wars and ‘rule the seas’

“The S-80 ship will enable navies to effectively protect their country’s sovereignty.”

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli Shipyards unveiled its new flagship SAAR S-80 Corvette, which its makers claim is built to protect nation states’ sovereignty and “win naval battles” with advanced stealth systems and increased weapons capacity.

The 80 meter-long (260 feet) vessel, which is based on the S-72 platform, features greater versatility, increased payload capacity, higher weapon suite capacity and prolific Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, according to the company.

The 1,000-ton multi-mission ship is powered by four diesel engines and has a maximum speed of 28 knots.

It features a modular and customizable weapon suite with advanced surface-to-air capabilities and combat systems that can be configured according to the customer’s needs, the company said.

The S-80 “can be adjusted to accommodate Corvette or as an OPV [Offshore Patrol Vessels] version, depending on the operational requirements.”

“The ship is designed for stealth, agility and ruling the seas with cutting-edge capabilities required in future combat scenarios,” Israeli Shipyards CEO, Eitan Zucker, said. “The S-80 ship will enable navies to effectively protect their country’s sovereignty, maintain their economic waters, and win naval battles in times of war. The S80 has the endurance to operate in the open sea, and also to control the littoral. All this with optimal cost-benefit ratio.”

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Israel’s Navy, the smallest of the IDF’s warfare arms, has a large swath of territorial waters under its protection – almost double the size of Israel itself.