No general lockdown, but Netanyahu announces new restrictions to thwart coronavirus

Netanyahu addressed the nation in a televised statement introducing new restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19.

By World Israel News Staff

While Benjamin Netanyahu specified on Monday that Israel was not instituting a general “lockdown,” the prime minister introduced a series of new restrictions in an effort to thwart the spread of the deadly coronavirus, including the possibility of locking down specific local areas with high concentrations of coronavirus cases.

Among the new emergency restrictions Netanyahu announced were a general reduction in economic activity in the private sector and digital tracking measures to monitor people who have the virus. As of Tuesday, private firms are expected to reduce on-location staff by 70 percent.

Essential services such as banking, medical facilities, and pharmacies are continuing to operate.

Public transportation will also continue to for the time-being, but there will be changes in service.

Netanyahu also stressed the meed to maintain a two-meter “social distancing” perimeter at all times to avoid contracting coronavirus.

The new measures will be in place until after Passover in April, said the prime minister.

Following Netanyahu’s address, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon made a number of announcements regarding benefits and government assistance for individuals financially affected by the corona crisis.

These efforts include facilitating unemployment benefits with greater ease and arranging grants for small businesses.

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