Possible Brooklyn shooting suspect posted antisemitic rants, compared blacks to Jews in Holocaust

Police are searching for Frank James, although he has not officially been named as a suspect in the attack that left 29 injured.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

An African-American person of interest in Tuesday’s subway shooting in Brooklyn posted antisemitic rants and comparisons to the situation of blacks in America to Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, according to Times of Israel and Rolling Stone, which reviewed his Youtube posts.

Although Frank R. James, 62, has not been officially named as a suspect in the investigation, New York police have asked the public to help find him, publishing a picture taken from one of many Youtube videos he uploaded over the past several years.

Many of the clips are racist in nature. He rails against white people, whom he says oppress most blacks in America, adding that he would not hesitate to kill them. In several rants he says blacks will sooner or later suffer the same fate as Jews in the Holocaust.

“White people and black people should not have any contact with each other,” he said in one March video. “Their anger is building up. Nothing can happen here differently than what happened over in Europe with the Jews. I want you to believe that that’s possible.”

“Pray, pray until your f***ing face falls off. Do you not think the Jews in Auschwitz didn’t pray?” he says in a different post. “Did their God come and save them? And these are supposedly the original people of God. Their prayers didn’t do nothing for them…

“‘That could never happen here’ — famous last words, because those words were uttered by many a German European Jew.”

In other rambling clips he went on antisemitic tirades, as when describing New York’s mental health system, which he says failed him miserably. Among that rant’s targets was the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

He also slams Jewish “contempt” for African Americans.

“These Jews obviously haven’t learned sh** from their experience,” he says.

“You know, it hasn’t humbled them in the slightest. They’re all — or the majority of them — still arrogant and still feel they’re superior and something above black people. And, again, those mother***s don’t contribute to sh** to life on this earth but sh**, piss, pollution and death and destruction.”

In some videos James talks about his angry mental state and ideas about killing people specifically on the subway, which he said would be a good place from which to escape afterwards due to so many exits from each platform.

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Tuesday’s shooter is still at large. Twenty-nine people were injured, according to the most recent count, including some by the smoke and 10 by gunfire, although none of the injuries are life-threatening.

James’ credit card and a key to his U-Haul van in which he seemingly lived were found at the scene.

The New York Police Department is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information about the attack.