Qatari envoy brings Gaza Strip $10 million monthly infusion

Qatar is expected to transfer an additional $10 million to the Gaza Strip for needy families on Sunday.

By World Israel News Staff

Qatari envoy Mohammed Al-Emadi said that the $10 million monthly payment it has pledged to needy families in the Gaza Strip will be distributed on Sunday. Qatar has promised a total of $330 million in aid, which is delivered in monthly installments.

“Both sides have no war intentions but there is a lack of money and the humanitarian situation is bad,” Emadi told Reuters on Saturday. “Should people feel financially at ease, the ghost of war will be totally removed.”

He delivered the same message in an interview to Agence Free-Presse: “We know the situation is very bad, so that’s why our money helps a lot, and it helps in preventing a new war.”

While it is true that Gaza’s poverty is deepening with many Gazans attempting to leave the Strip for Europe and elsewhere, it’s difficult to square Emadi’s remarks with the reality of Hamas’s intentions.

Although it is the conclusion of analysts and Israel’s security forces that Hamas wants to avoid escalation at this time, the terror organization’s leadership has made clear that it intends to continue to wage war on Israel in the future.

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That intention appears unconnected to the Gaza Strip’s economic success.

In an August 16 speech, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said, “We will complete this path, Allah willing. We will amass power in preparation for our return and our liberation.”

“If Allah decrees for the day of his victory and conquest to come, we will lead you, your offspring, your sons to wash this nation of its shame, and to purify the Holy Places, Allah willing.” The Holy Places likely refers to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

On Friday, Hamas praised the killing of 17-year-old Rina Shnerb on Friday. She was blown up by a mine planted by the side of a trail and detonated remotely. The terrorist attack took place in Samaria. Israel is searching for those responsible.

Hamas cells have been discovered recently in Judea and Samaria. There are reports that the terror group is looking to build up its presence in the area in order to carry out attacks on Israeli civilians.