Report: Syrian soldiers who downed Israeli fighter jet killed in blast

Has Israel settled another score with adversaries in Syria?

By: World Israel News Staff

The Syrian soldiers responsible for the downing of an Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter as it was returning from an operation in Syria in February were killed in a blast over the weekend.

At least eight soldiers, apparently senior officers in Syria’s aerial defense, were killed in an explosion as they were driving towards the Tyas Airbase, where they were stationed, reports indicate.

They were members of Syria’s 150 Battalion, which is entrusted with operating the S-200 aerial defense batteries, according to the reports.

It is yet unknown who carried out the attack. Analysts say that based on photos from the site, the blast was caused by a roadside explosive device rather than a missile launched from a plane.

Syria has remained silent on the incident.

The downing of Israel’s F-16 occurred on Feb. 10 after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria. Israel shot down the drone and then attacked what it said was an Iranian command center, located at the T4 base. Israeli planes came under anti-aircraft fire, and one was struck. Israel responded by destroying Syrian anti-aircraft positions.

The Israeli flight crew ejected from the aircraft and landed in Israeli territory. Two pilots were injured, one severely, but both have recovered.

Israel has since reportedly conducted several strikes against Iranian forces based at T4.

The T4 Air Airbase, Syria’s largest, located in the Homs province, is home to Iranian forces, the Lebanese Hezbollah terror organization and Syrian regime forces.