Without a deal, Israel will have a PM named Muhammad, Trump quips

An Israeli media outlet claims that Trump made a joke to the King of Jordan regarding a one-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alluding to the demographic danger facing the Jewish state.

By: World Israel News Staff

According to a report on Israeli’s Channel 10, US President Donald Trump made a comment, apparently in jest, to Jordan’s King Abdullah II at the White House several weeks back, joking that Israel could have a prime minister named Muhammad in a few years if a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t achieved.

The comment was reportedly made in response to Abdullah’s statement that, “Many young Palestinians no longer want two states. They want one state with equal rights. The result would be Israel losing its Jewish character.”

Channel 10 reported that Trump replied, “There’s logic in that. [With one state], in a few years the Israeli prime minister’s name will be Muhammad.”

The Israeli media outlet described Trump’s reported remark as “sarcastic,” claiming an Israeli and an American source verified its veracity.

Among the items topping the agenda when Trump met Abdullah was the US president’s “deal of the century” peace plan, which has yet to be unveiled.

At press time, the White House and the Jordanian Embassy in Washington, DC, refused to comment on the alleged “Muhammad” comment, reported Times of Israel.

Trump’s reported remark alludes to the tight rope Israel walks, maintaining its essentially Jewish character while defending its robust democracy.