Saving his own skin? Female IDF soldiers were ‘pimped’ to jailed terrorists, claims warden

Ben Sheetrit, perhaps the least competent warden in the history of the country, took no responsibility for the escape of six terrorists under his watch and instead claimed female guards were pimped before his time.

By World Israel News Staff

Female prison guards at Gilboa Prison were “pimped” to Palestinian security prisoners and terrorists in order to “satisfy their sexual needs,” claimed a prison warden in a statement on Wednesday.

Freddy Ben Sheetrit, who is under intense scrutiny as the warden in charge of the prison at the time of an embarrassing jailbreak which saw six security prisoners escape, made the statement during intense questioning by a government committee investigating the fiasco.

Ben Sheetrit took no responsibility for the escape happening under his watch, saying that he was the victim of a witch hunt that labeled him responsible from the get-go, Walla reported.

The security services were conspiring against him and Commissioner of Prisons Katy Perry had personally “marked” him as a scapegoat, Ben Sheetrit said.

“She asked [Public Security Minister Omer Bar Lev] to fire me before the circumstances of the prison break were even investigated,” he said.

Apparently shifting the focus from his own mistakes to a completely different issue, Ben Sheetrit said that problems at Gilboa had existed long before his tenure at the institution.

He brought up the so-called “Atallah” affair, in which a prominent security prisoner was found to have repeatedly sexually harassed female prison guards.

In 2015, the prisoner, Muhammad Atallah, was reportedly providing valuable intelligence information to security officials at the prison. The officials looked the other way while he groped several guards, even after they complained.

An intelligence officer at the prison, Rani Basha, was accused of intentionally placing a guard in Atallah’s wing because the prisoner said he found her attractive. The case against Basha was closed due to lack of evidence.

“Female soldiers were pimped to terrorists,” Ben Sheetreet said at the hearing on Wednesday, “in order to satisfy their sexual needs.”

The victims were female soldiers completing their mandatory military service in the role of prison guards.

While details about Atallah’s alleged crimes are scant, one female guard reportedly said that he grabbed her buttocks, while another said he stroked her belly and said he was “crazy about her.”

Indeed, the abuse was terrible beyond words, but Ben Sheetrit appears to have exaggerated the details to somehow mitigate his own guilt. He claims the guards were pimped to security prisoners and terrorists – in plural – yet there is zero evidence to suggest the fondling was perpetrated by more than one man. And that man is now currently on trial and facing criminal charges for it.

Neither is there any evidence of sexual intercourse or indecent exposure between Atallah and the guards. There is no indication that the guards ever entered the terrorists’ cells – as opposed to the claim that they were “pimped. “