‘SHOCKING’: ‘Damn Ashkenazim, I’m proud that 6 million of you burned,’ Likud activist shouts

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the removal of Likud activist Itzik Zarka, who shouted back at anti-judicial reform protesters on Saturday, saying, “I am proud of the six million that were burned, I wish that another six million would burn.”

“Your legs should be broken with batons, you should be kneecapped. That way you will not go to any demonstration at all,” he said.

The Jewish victims of the Holocaust were mainly Ashkenazi Jews.

“The Likud movement strongly condemns Itzik Zarka’s words. We will not accept or allow shocking statements of this kind,” the party said. “We call for an end to incitement and violent discourse from all sides. This is the time to unite against our enemy and the many challenges that stand before us.” Likud said in a statement.

Netanyahu told Likud executive director-general Zuri Siso to formally remove Zarka from the party.

On Sunday, Zarka said, “I apologize on behalf of all Jews in Israel and the Diaspora. I apologize with all my soul,” adding that he had made the remarks out of frustration.