Suspects arrested in Palestinian rock attack that injured baby

Shin Bet vows to continue bringing to justice anyone involved in terror. 

By David Jablinowitz, World Israel News

The Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, has announced the detention of a group of Palestinian teens over the injuring of a nine-month-old boy in a massive stone-throwing attack. The incident took place on December 18 as the baby was riding in a vehicle on Route 60 between Kiryat Arba and Karmei Tzur, in the Hebron area.

The child was lightly hurt. A number of vehicles were damaged.

The security agency said Thursday that it began carrying out searches and detentions in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

During the course of January, IDF and Shin Bet forces apprehended “three terrorists, about 17 years old” from a village in the Hebron area. During the course of questioning, says the Shin Bet, it emerged that three of those interrogated were involved in the stone-throwing attack in which the baby was hurt.

The findings of the investigation have been handed over to the military prosecutor’s office and indictments are expected to be issued in the coming days, said the security agency.

In its statement, the agency vowed to continue “thwarting terror and bringing to justice those who are involved in any form of terror.”

Also on Thursday, security forces reported that they had confiscated some 40 pistols in the Jordan Valley area “in what appears to be one of the largest finds of arms and ammunition” in the area recently, according to the 0404 news website. The outlet also says that at least four suspects were arrested.

On Wednesday, a smaller supply of arms and ammunition was confiscated. The smuggler was said to have been detained a short while later.