Syria claims it thwarted Israeli missile attacks

Israel reportedly targeted weapons depots outside of Damascus early Tuesday morning. Syria says it foiled the attacks.

By Margot Dudkevitch

Reports out of Syria claim regime forces thwarted three Israeli missile strikes on Syrian military outposts in the Qutayfeh area outside Damascus before dawn Tuesday. There were no reports of casualties, but damage was caused to at least one of the facilities hit.

The report claims Syrian air defense systems intercepted at least one of the missiles. The official Syrian news site SANA said the country’s General Command of the armed forces holds Israel responsible for the attacks and any ramifications.

Syrian rebel forces reported the sites attacked by Israel were weapons depots. Adopting its usual policy, Israel neither confirmed or denied the reports. However, the top government and security echelon have constantly stated that Israel has the right to defend itself and will operate wherever necessary to ensure the safety and security of the country’s citizens.

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, Israel has provided medical and humanitarian aid to Syrian victims of the war, responded to cross-border fire, and conducted air strikes inside Syria targeting weapons depots.

Israel’s security cabinet has convened several times in recent days to discuss developments on the northern border and Iran’s presence in Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly held telephone conversations with world leaders warning them of the danger posed by Iran strengthening its hold in Syria and Lebanon.