Tel Aviv U students call for intifada, ‘a thousand funerals every day’

MK Almog Cohen and pro-Israel activist Yoseph Haddad, an Arab Israeli, joined a counter-demonstration organized by NGO Im Tirtzu.

By Atara Beck, World Israel News 

Dozens of Arab students waving Palestinian flags called for an intifada at the entrance to Tel Aviv University on Monday.

“We will not stop, even if there are a thousand funerals every day,” they chanted.

“O shahid lie down lie down we will continue the fight…O settler  you coward, this is Jenin that cannot be defeated…From the river to the sea Palestine will be free…

“Listen, Zionists, listen, Palestine will not surrender, to the streets, you revolutionaries, set the streets on fire. With spirit and blood we will redeem Palestine!”

Across from them, several dozen students from the Im Tirtzu Zionist organization held a counter-demonstration, waving Israeli flags.

“Demand that the supporters of terrorists be banned immediately. Students who demonstrate in favor of terrorists should be immediately removed from the public; this is a life-threatening situation for students,” stated Shai Rosengarten, the group’s national campus coordinator.

Orit Eliyahu, Im Tirtzu’s branch coordinator at Tel Aviv University, had appealed to the university president not to allow the murder-inciting event to take place – although it was held outside the campus gates and the university has no authority outside its premises, the NGO acknowledged.

In response to media queries, the university released the following response:

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“Tel Aviv University is proud to be the largest and most pluralistic university in Israel.

“The University calls upon its students to refrain from statements that could encourage violence or harm to innocent people.

“Regarding the demonstration, it must be stressed that the event is being held in a public space outside of the University, with a police permit. The university did not approve either the demonstration or its message.

“Moreover, should there be calls to violence at the demonstration, the University unequivocally rejects them.”

Photos of the demonstration would make identifying those who are inciting murder to be identified.

World Israel News reached out to the university, asking if there is concern for the safety of its students, but received no response.

Knesset Member Almog Cohen and pro-Israel activist Yoseph Haddad, an Arab Israeli, joined the Im Tirtzu counter-protest.

“What are you doing here? Go study in Jenin,” Haddad told the anti-Israel demonstrators.