Terror group calls on Palestinians to rally around Arab List to stop Netanyahu

The terrorist group called on Palestinians to support the Joint List to block Netanyahu from power.

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) terror group has issued a call for all the Palestinian forces to rally around the Arab-majority Joint List in the Knesset to block Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power.

The DFLP stated in a proclamation that the Joint List “has important national roles in the political and social arena and in the fight against racial discrimination.”

The Joint List received an unprecedented 15 seats in the Knesset in the March elections.

The Palestinian factions are required to “support the Joint List to block the way for Netanyahu,” the DFLP stated, adding that “although the Blue and White Party has taken covert positions that violate Palestinian rights, the possibility of breaking the right-wing alliance around Netanyahu is the same as breaking the Trump program [the Deal of the Century peace plan] and a defeat to extreme elements.”

Therefore, the Joint List’s support of a minority government led by Blue and White and Benny Gantz “will serve Palestinian interests and give them a real victory.”

“The Joint List’s victory in the Knesset gives it the opportunity to realize some of the aspirations of our brothers in the territories of 48 [in Israel], in the areas of housing, education and employment, and in the fight against racial discrimination and raising global sympathy [for the Palestinians],” the terror group stated.

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While calling to learn the political lessons from the achievements of the Joint List, the DFLP also called to cancel the Oslo peace Accords, to stop the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with the IDF and boycott the Israeli economy.

The DFLP is an armed group that took part in the rocket fire at Israel from Gaza in February.