Tourist causes bomb scare at Israeli train station

A Pakistani national carrying a suspicious suitcase set off a bomb scare in Rehovot. 

A tourist carrying a suspicious suitcase into a train station in the city of Rehovot, in the center of the country, on Wednesday caused a bomb scare that shut down the transportation hub for several hours.

Security guards at the entrance to the station noticed during the security screening that a suitcase contained a pot and other materials that could be used to make bombs. The tourist’s Pakistani nationality added to suspicions and set off a security alert.

The station was shut down while police sappers cleared the suitcase of any potential bomb threat.

Police initially issued a gag order fearing a significant security incident, but after the “all-clear” was sounded the gag order was lifted and the station was reopened to the public.

The Pakistani, a student in the UK, is touring Israel with a friend.

By: World Israel News Staff