UK Labour candidate calls Israel ‘abused child who becomes abusive adult’, forced to resign

‘To me, the Israeli state is like an abused child who becomes an abusive adult,’ British Labour MP Kate Ramsden said.

By World Israel News Staff

A member of Britain’s Labour party resigned on Wednesday after it emerged that she had equated the actions of Israel to those of a child abuser, reports the Jewish Chronicle.

According to the report, Labour leaders called Kate Ramsden for an inquiry, after the party found a post on her blog written in 2014 that seemed to compare the brutality against the Jews during the Holocaust to the way that Israel treats the Palestinians.

“To me, the Israeli state is like an abused child who becomes an abusive adult,” Ramsden said.

“Like many abusers, unable to reflect on their own abuse, and ending up recreating it in the abuse of others, exerting their power in those weaker than themselves because once they were the powerless.”

“Like child abuse it has to stop… as we intervene with child abusers the international community needs to intervene with Israel,” she said.

Despite the blatant anti-Semitic post, leaders of Labour agreed to keep Ramsden on the ticket as long as she deleted the post. However, after the post became public knowledge she was forced to resign, the report discovered.

Upon Ramsden’s resignation, Labour released a statement saying that she resigned for “personal reasons.”

Ramsden has since offered an apology for her offensive remarks.

“I can see why many Jewish people have been hurt by my words, she said. “That was never my intention and I apologize unreservedly.”

“I reflected on it and decided to delete the post. This was my decision. I was not directed to do so,” she added.

In an apparent bid to hide the skeletons in their closet, Labour has been conducting social media sweeps on all of their candidates, an unnamed source within Labour told the Jewish Chronicle.

“The sweep picked up a percentage of candidates demonstrating all sorts of nonsense, idiocy and sadly more serious content,” the source said. “What sickens me is that nothing appears to be done, except to cover-up clear examples of antisemitism amongst candidates.”