UK: Labour Party activist equates Jewish skullcap with Nazi flag

Daniel Waterman condemned wearing a kippah, a Jewish skullcap, or a Star of David as comparable to waving a Nazi flag, amid a string of anti-Semitic remarks. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Labour Party member and author, Daniel Waterman, has been exposed as an anti-Semite and bigot who, for years, has been making extensive use of Facebook, posting under the pseudonym “Dolong B Blavats.”

The UK-based Campaign Against anti-Semitism (CAA) revealed that Waterman has been making outrageous claims, including that “compulsive” behavior related to the Holocaust was “causing Israelis to behave like Nazis.”

Last month he asserted, while referring to mandatory military service for Israelis, that “young people are still mindlessly following orders just like the Nazis!”

The “International Definition of Anti-Semitism” clearly identifies “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” as a manifestation of anti-Semitism.

In November 2015, Waterman condemned wearing a kippah, a Jewish skullcap, or a Star of David in public, comparing these acts to waving a Nazi flag. He demanded that Jews eschew the practice in order to distance themselves from what he described as “Israel’s terrorism against Palestinians.”

He went on to insist that failure to follow his advice would mark Jews as “provocateurs” and “belligerent fools,” and render them responsible for any hostility they encountered.

In January, he accused a Jewish journalist and “the entire rest of the pro-Israel pro-Zionist community” of being “real self-hating Jews,” claiming their protests against pervasive anti-Semitism within the Labour Party is a conspiracy to silence criticism of Israel.

In September 2017, he accused “other Jews” of “s***ting all over the Holocaust”, adding that he was “ready to give it up and ‘just’ be a human being.”

In the same month, he posted what was presumably intended to be a joke. “Hey I have a good idea! Why don’t we have another World War? I missed all the good bits at the end of the last one!” On being told this was not funny, he replied “Really, I thought WWII was a gas!”, in an apparent reference to gas chambers used by the Nazis to industrialize the genocide of European Jewry.

Waterman has also alluded to Holocaust denial on multiple occasions and has praised Gilad Atzmon, who was even disavowed by Palestinian activists because of the virulence of his anti-Semitism. Atzmon’s book, The Wandering Who, was described as “quite probably the most anti-Semitic book published in this [UK] in recent years.”

Despite this, Waterman appeared to be overjoyed that Atzmon had agreed to review drafts of his new book and at the possibility of his contributing a chapter.

“These examples are just a small selection of comments representing views that have no place in our public life,” CAA stated.

Matters take a turn for the worse

The CAA said that “matters took a turn for the worse” when they contacted Waterman for his response to their accusations.

Waterman had previously written CAA that he considers their website to be a “s***rag” and that “I fart in your general direction.”

In e-mails that ran to four pages, Waterman claimed, “Jews are not above criticism merely for having ancestors who were persecuted.”

He claimed that some of his comments were quotes, and not his own words, without offering any proof for this claim.

He also claimed that “not one” of the comments CAA quoted were in context. When asked to provide context, he retorted, “Since you are deliberately seeking to incriminate me, I have no intention of aiding you. Have a nice day you f***ing Hasbara b*****ds!”

He also threatened CAA in various ways.

CAA called on the Labour Party and Momentum, a party organ, to expel Waterman.