Undersea Abraham Accords: Shark, Dolphin caught swimming together off Eilat

A shark and dolphin were spotted together off Eilat.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

The Abraham Accords have reached the undersea realm. A whale shark and a dolphin were caught on video swimming together at Dolphin Reef in Eilat this week.

The two either didn’t get the word that a lockdown was on or chose to ignore social distancing guidelines.

The dolphin, a loner named Rona, and the unnamed whale shark, were together for four days.

Whale sharks are an endangered species. They are the largest fish in the world and can potentially grow up to 20 meters. However, the largest ever caught was 12.5 meters.

It’s not known if this was the same whale shark that terrified beachgoers back in July. Fortunately, whale sharks feed on plankton. But since their mouths are large enough to swallow a car, it’s best to steer clear.

Omri Omasi, an inspector of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, says that also given their endangered status, it’s best not to interfere or disturb the gentle giants.

The Dolphin Reef is a major tourist attraction. The horseshoe-shaped sea pen is open for dolphins to come and go. The dolphins seem to enjoy socializing with people and return of their own free will. They can leave whenever they want.

The sea pen is 10,000 sq. meters and enclosed with nets. If whale sharks start making a habit of visiting, the nature preserve might need to expand the area.

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