US analyst: How to win the clash of civilizations

Assault on Israel is part of concerted attack on Western civilization, which needs to fight back, says American venture capitalist and political analyst.

By: Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

On Friday, Ken Abramowitz, founder of “Save the West” blog and General Partner and co-founder of NGN Capital, a $450 million worldwide healthcare venture capital fund, kicked off the first of a series of Sovereignty conferences being held by the nationalist Women in Green organization (WIG) throughout the country. Speaking in Oz V’Gaon, the nature reserve at the Gush Etzion Junction established by WIG in memory of the three youths who were kidnapped from a nearby bus stop and murdered by Hamas terrorists in 2014, Abramowitz got right to the point in the title of his talk: “How to Save Western Civilization from Itself.”

“Two-thirds of people believe in false narratives,” said Abramowitz, who serves on the boards of such organizations as CAMERA, Americans for a Safe Israel, and the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP). He listed those people as leftists, isolationists, the UN – and political Islam (as opposed to the religion), which, he pointed out, “is a political movement whose victims are 80%-90% Muslim.” The “Rational Centrists” are the ones who must stand against this majority, believers in their Judeo-Christian heritage who hail mainly from the United States, Europe, and Israel, he said.

Do You Want to Win, Lose or Tie?

“If you ask a coach of a sports team if he wants to win, lose or tie the games his team plays, he’ll say it’s his job to win,” explained Abramowitz. “If someone is sick and his doctor offers the choice of either not treating his infection at all, giving half-strength antibiotics to ‘tie’ the bacteria, or getting all the antibiotics necessary, the sick person wants to win. But what would happen if you’d ask President Trump or Bibi Netanyahu if they want to defeat their enemies, or what their strategy is to do it? They have no answer – because they want to tie.”

“Leftists won’t die for their false narratives. Political Islam will,” the passionately pro-Zionist venture capitalist said. “They [leftists] won’t say, ‘Give me a higher minimum wage or I’ll blow up this restaurant.’”

“We will win only if we get our act together,” Abramowitz continued, defining “we” as “voters, citizens, governments, world civilization.”

He believes there are three keys to saving the West: Maximize the growth of Western economies, use strong armies to defend the people physically, and protect society intellectually and culturally. The latter includes pushing back the globalists who want to see the end of individual countries’ sovereignty and highlighting Western values such as individual freedoms and responsibility, opportunity, fairness and compassion.

How Does One Get People to Become ‘Normal’?

According to Abramowitz, there are two ways to change people. The violent way is exemplified by World War II. “We had to kill 60 million people, but Germany and Japan became normal,” he stated. The other way is a battle of ideas, exemplified by the Cold War, where the Communists did not have strong economies, culture, or religion, and eventually surrendered.

Swinging back to the local scene, Abramowitz warned soberly that “Israel cannot want to win if America doesn’t want to. [But] America still doesn’t have a Middle East strategy, so they keep going back to the old Obama strategies…. Trump still hasn’t got control of the government.”

Abramowitz has described his ideas and tried to convey their urgency to American senators and congressmen, European, Israeli officials and even the American president.  “I have a one-minute, three-minute and 15-minute version of this talk; I managed to give President Trump the one-minute version,” he smiled.