WATCH: Arab mob in London disrupts vigil commemorating massacred Jews

A mob of Arabic-speaking men disrupted a vigil organized by the Israel Advocacy Movement in in London’s Hyde Park on Wed., Nov. 7. The gathering commemorated Jews massacred in Arab lands over the centuries. The mob shouted down the speakers with Holocaust-denying statements and death chants for Jews. Although claiming they were anti-Zionist and not anti-Jewish, the hecklers made several blatantly anti-Semitic statements.

Muslims shut down Jewish vigil

Most people feel a duty to honour the Jews that were slaughtered in the Holocaust. Yet the world has ignored the many Jews massacred in Muslim lands. A small group of Jews held a vigil in Speakers Corner, London, to remember these forgotten Jews.What happened next will both shock and outrage you.Within seconds the group was verbally assaulted in the most racist way and their vigil was shut down by a group of Islamic extremists.These extremists, wouldn't even allow them to honour their fallen.It isn't easy viewing, but make sure you watch the video through to the end to understand how a Middle Eastern hatred has been imported into the UK.As we had to abandon the vigil we have included the list of massacres below… may their memory be a blessing.627 in Medina, Saudi Arabia Muhammad beheads 900 Jews628 in Khaybar, Saudi Arabia 93 Jews are killed, the survivors are forced to pay half of everything they produce1013 the Jews of Cordoba are slaughtered when Sulayman attacks1033 a Muslim leader conquers Fez and massacres upto 6,000 Jews1066 a Muslim mob stormed Grenada in Spain and slaughter 4,000 Jews1090 again in Grenada 2,000 Jews are slaughtered in another massacre1146 the Almohads conquer Tlemcen in Algeria and slaughter any Jew that doesn’t convert to Islam1146 the Almohads take Sijilmasa in Morocco and slaughter 150 Jews who refuse to convert1146 the Almohads capture the Moroccan cities Fez and Marrakech and slaughter over 100,000 Jews1232 the Jews are allowed to return Marrakech, which enrages local Muslims who slaughter all of them1247 Jews were again offered Islam or death in Meknes, many were massacred1275 Moors massacre 40 Jews in Fez1290 the Jews of Baghdad in Iraq are massacred1465 the entire Jewish community of Fez is again massacred1492 Abd-al-Karim al-Meghili destroys the synagogues of Touat and massacres many Jews1517 Ottomans rape and massacre the Jews of Hebron in Israel1736 the Jews of Algiers are massacred1776 the Jews of Basra in Iraq are massacred1785 in Tripoli, Libya, hundreds of Jews who refuse to convert to Islam are massacred1790 Sultan Yazid orders the murder and rape of dozens of Jews in Tetuan, Morocco1805 Muslims massacre 500 Jews in the Algerian city Algiers1815 Muslims burn eight Jews at the stake, again in Algiers1828 the Jewish community of Baghdad in Iraq are massacred1830 the Jews of Algiers are massacred1830 the throats of 400 Jews are slashed in Tabriz, Iran1834 half of the Israeli city of Safed was Jewish, they were raped, murdered and expelled1839 in Mashhad, Iran thirty six Jews were murdered and seven young girls kidnapped and forced to become Muslim brides1864-80 there are continuous pogroms against the Jews of Marrakech1867 in Barfurush, Iran 22 Jews were murdered, while the women and girls kidnapped and forced to become Muslim brides1903 in Settat and Taza, Morocco 60 Jews were slaughtered1907 thirty Jews were massacred in Casablanca, Morocco1910 twelve Jews were slaughtered in Shiraz, Iran1912 forty two Jews were slaughtered in Fez, Morocco1925 a number of Jews were massacred in Damascus, Syria1934 in Constantinople, Algeria 34 Jews were butchered1941 inspired by Nazi Germany the Muslims of Baghdad massacre 780 Jews1945 the Tripolitania pogrom in Libya leaves 140 Jews dead in the second largest post-holocaust massacre1945 in Tripoli, Lebanon 14 Jews are killed 1947 the Aleppo massacre in Syria leaves 75 Jews dead1947 in Aden 82 members of the Jewish community are slaughtered by a Muslim mob1948 in Oujda and Jerada, Morocco 43 Jews are killed in anti-Jewish riots1948 again in Tripolitania 14 Jews are killed in anti-Jewish riots1948 bombings in Cairo targeting Jewish areas kill 70 Jews1948 again in Egypt 150 Jews are killed or "disappeared" in Cairo1949 anti-Jewish riots break out in northern Morocco killing 121949 hand grenades are thrown into the Menarsha Synagogue in Damascus, Syria murdering 121950 thirty Syrian Jewish refugees murdered at sea1967 in Tripoli two Jewish families are slaughtered1967 at least 18 Jews were murdered in Libya by rampaging Muslim mobs.1967 in Syria 57 Qamishli Jews are murdered in a pogrom.After watching this video, it may provide further clarity as to why the Jewish people need a state. A place of refuge. A place where they can escape persecution from the nations they have dwelled amongst.#SpeakersCorner #Israel #Antisemitism #NeverAgain

Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Wednesday, November 7, 2018