19-year-old Jerusalem murder victim identified as Ori Ansbacher

Police discovered “signs of violence” on  Ansbacher’s body, which was found on Thursday evening in a nature area south of Jerusalem.

By World Israel News Staff

On Friday, Israel Police identified Ori Ansbacher, 19, as the Jerusalem murder victim whose body was discovered on Thursday evening.

While a judicial gag order was imposed protecting details related to the investigation, initial reports indicate that “signs of violence” were found on Ansbacher’s body.

Police discovered her body in Ein Yael, a popular Jerusalem nature area nestled between the Biblical Zoo and the Arab village of Walaja. Ansbacher was reported missing on Thursday.

The Tekoa native was fulfilling her year of national service at a youth center in Jerusalem and was remembered by her parents as a “a holy soul seeking meaning, with a sensitivity for every person and creature and an infinite desire to correct the world with goodness,” Times of Israel reported.

In addition to identifying Ansbacher as the victim, Israeli law enforcement announced that “all possible motives” are being explored with the assistance of Israel’s internal intelligence service, the Shin Bet.