Study: IDF Israel’s most trusted institution

A sweeping 82 percent of the Israeli public has confidence in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), making it the country’s most trusted institution, according to findings published on Sunday by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

According to the “Public Confidence in Various Institutions, Bodies and Organizations” study, 93 percent of Israeli Jews trust the IDF. Only 32 percent of the Israeli-Arab public, however, expressed confidence in the military.

Local municipalities are the second-most trusted public institution in Israel, earning the confidence of 61 percent of respondents, while the State Comptroller placed third, with 60 percent. The legal system was fourth at 58 percent.

Ironically, the institution behind the survey—the Central Bureau of Statistics—came in fifth, with 54 percent of Israelis saying they trust the data it publishes.

The Israel Police placed sixth at 53 percent, while only 40 percent of respondents expressed confidence in the government and 38 percent said they trust the Knesset legislature. Israel’s political parties earned an even lower level of trust—22 percent.

By: Israel Hayom/Exclusive to