Democrats press Biden to push ‘bold’ plan for Palestinian state

Democratic senators push Biden for unilateral recognition of Palestinian state.

By World Israel News Staff

Nearly one-third of the Democrats in the Senate signed an open letter to President Joe Biden urging him to take “bold” steps towards establishing a Palestinian state.

Nineteen Democratic senators added their names to the text, which pushed Washington to publish a framework for a Palestinian state that will be unilaterally recognized by the U.S., regardless of Israel’s stance on the matter.

“Given the severity of the current crisis, this moment requires determined U.S. leadership that must move beyond facilitation,” the senators wrote in the letter.

“As such, we request the Biden Administration promptly establish a bold, public framework outlining the steps necessary for the U.S. to recognize a nonmilitarized Palestinian state, which includes the West Bank and Gaza, to be governed by a revitalized and reformed Palestinian Authority.”

The letter additionally called for the Biden administration to “lead and push” the Israeli government to stop the construction and expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, reactivate employment permits for Palestinian Authority residents to work in pre-1967 Israel, and ending home demolitions of Palestinians.

Notably, the last demand would presumably include preventing the destruction of homes belonging to terrorists who were convicted of murdering Israelis.

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The senators said they “have been particularly disappointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to engage on a path to a Palestinian state.”

The language was similar to that used by Sen. Chuck Schumer, who last week called Netanyahu an “obstacle to peace” and urged early elections in order to oust the premier.

In a reference to the prospect of normalization with Saudi Arabia, the letter suggested that a Palestinian state would result in an Israel that was more “integrated” into the Middle East region.

According to recent report, House Republicans are considering inviting Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress in the near future.