‘Biden is so bad for Israel’ – Trump slams Democrats’ attacks on Netanyahu

Israel is ‘loyal to a fault,’ says Trump, adding that Biden and Democrats are ‘so bad for Israel.’

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party over the recent attacks on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking with Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” in an interview aired Sunday, Trump said Democrats were “bad for Israel,” and accused Biden of abandoning Israel to appeal to the progressive wing of the Democratic base.

When asked to respond to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s warning that Israel could be isolated internationally over civilian casualties during its war with Hamas, Trump said that Israel “lost a lot of people on October 7th, too. People have to remember that. I think maybe he [Biden] has forgotten that.”

Trump added that Biden has been swayed by pro-Palestinian protests on the Left, accusing the president of catering to his base ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“He obviously said: ‘I see a lot of people protesting out there and they happen to be Palestinians or whatever, from the Middle East’… and all of the sudden he dumped Israel.”

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The former president and 2024 presumptive Republican presidential nominee said Biden and the Democrats are “very bad” for the Jewish state, saying Israel was loyal “to a fault” to Democrats.

“They [Democrats] are very bad for Israel, the Democrats are very bad for Israel. Israel sticks with them. I guess Israel is loyal maybe to a fault because they stick with these guys.”

Trump repeated his claim that the October 7th invasion and subsequent massacres in Israel would not have happened had he been in office, echoing statements he made earlier this month.

“Biden is so bad for Israel. They should never have been attacked.”

“You had a horrible invasion that took place that would have never happened if I was president. I kept Israel safe. Nobody else will. Nobody else can. And I know all of the players, they can’t do it.”

“If he [Biden] were a supporter of Israel, the Iran nuclear deal would have never been signed and Israel would never have been attacks [on October 7th].”

Trump slammed Biden for the recent dustup with the Netanyahu government, accusing the president of abandoning Israel.

“And all of the sudden, he [Biden] dumped Israel. He just said, essentially, that Bibi Netanyahu should take a walk.”

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Addressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump called on Israel to “finish” the current war with Hamas “quickly.”

“I think you have to finish it up and you have to do it quickly and get back to the world of peace. We need peace in the world.”