Al Jazeera host grills mother of Hamas hostage about Israeli politics

Merav said, ‘As a mother, I want to bring my daughter back home,’ before the presenter grilled her about politics and cut the interview short. 

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli woman whose daughter was taken captive by Hamas terrorists on October 7th appeared on the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network, in an interview which sparked criticism for the host’s hostile behavior towards the interviewee.

Appearing on Al Jazeera in an attempt to plead for her daughter’s safe return, Merav Leshem Gonen was grilled about Israeli government policy by the presenter, who then cut short the interview.

Gonen’s daughter, Romi, 23, attended the Nova music festival on October 7th and was taken hostage during the massacre.

Gonen appeared recently on Al Jazeera, on a program that also featured a senior leader of the Hamas terrorist group, Zaher Jabarin.

“As a mother, I want to bring my daughter back home,” Gonen said. The presenter coldly cut her off and introduced the subject of the political situation and ask her if she had done enough to advocate for political change.

He said, “Your government must leave the occupied territories and lift the siege on Gaza. That’s the crux of the matter. Are you currently appealing to our government to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, for the military campaign to end and peace prevail between you and the Palestinians?”

Just seconds later, the interview was cut off.

The video has gone viral and has sparked outrage over the insult to the dignity of hostages and their families.

Raz Sauber, Director of Communications at the Consulate General Israel in New York, posted on X: “So cruel: Merav Leshem, whose daughter Romi is held hostage in Gaza, talks to a Hamas official on Al Jazeera. She pleads for her daughter’s return, but the official insists on speaking on the israeli policy. Qatar founds Al Jazeera and Hamas.”