Arab-Israeli committee plans to rebuild demolished illegal homes

A group of Arab citizens is planning to rebuild illegal homes demolished by the Israeli authorities, with the help of a number of Muslim countries.

The HFUC (High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel) has announced it will raise the funds required to rebuild the homes recently demolished by Israeli authorities in the Negev.

The committee also decided to hold a major protest rally in Wadi Ara, located in the Haifa district, on Saturday. The valley and hilltops overlooking it are among the most densely populated Arab-majority areas in Israel. The biggest city in the area is Umm al-Fahm, one of Israel’s biggest Arab cities.

Highway 65, one of the country’s major arteries, which connects the coastal plain to the Jezreel Valley, goes through the valley. In the past, protests in the area have resulted in violent clashes when police attempted to prevent demonstrators from closing the road, which can cause major traffic jams over a large part of the country.

The committee also said protests will continue to take place in Arab cities, towns and villages throughout the country, and that on Monday a protest convoy will drive slowly from various Arab towns to the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, where a protest rally will be held.

The committee should have no problem raising the necessary funds, as it has a large network of support in Qatar, Turkey, and other Arab and Muslim countries, and in the past has raised funds to rebuild homes demolished by Israeli authorities. In addition, it also gets EU funding.