Arabs riot in Israeli prison to protest surprise inspection

To express their displeasure with surprise inspections, Arab terrorists set their cell on fire as part of a riot in Israel’s Ofer Prison.

By World Israel News Staff

Arab terrorists held in an Israeli prison outside of Jerusalem staged a violent riot on Sunday, reportedly in response to surprise inspections.

Two guards were injured during the riot, in which the terrorists set fire to one of the cells. Prison workers eventually managed to extinguish the flames.

The surprise search exposed a wide range of contraband, including a number of weapons, reported Arutz Sheva. Guards also discovered cellular phones and SIM cards, which imprisoned terrorists use to further criminal activity outside the walls of the prison.

One of the terrorists who was searched, a member of the Islamic Jihad group, was hiding two miniature cellular phones.

The individuals harboring the contraband were punished for violating the law.

In addition to injuries to two guards, three prisoners sustained injuries during the riot.

Historically, terrorists imprisoned in Israeli correctional facilities enjoyed free college educations, watched televised sporting events, including soccer’s World Cup, and lived in conditions that led one former ex-convict to compare the environment to an “educational institution.”

Jordanian journalist Yousef Alawnah, who served 30 months in an Israeli prison for smuggling explosives, told Saudi 24 TV in June that inmates in Israeli prisons have “an opportunity to acquire culture, to read, and to study many things,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

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In the interview, Alawnah asked, “Do the Sunni prisoners in Iraq have books to read? The prisoners held in the dungeons of the Syrian regime — do you think that they have books?”

Footage of the surprise inspection in Ofer Prison: