STAR WARS? IDF to implement laser missile defense within a year

New system will cost far less to operate than Iron Dome.


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declared that the IDF will implement a laser interception system, within about a year. The new system will replace the current Iron Dome missile defense system and cost much less to operate.

Bennett made the announcement while addressing Israel’s 15th annual conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv Tuesday.

“This will allow us,” he said, “in the medium to long term, to surround Israel with a laser wall that will protect us from missiles, rockets, UAVs and other threats and in fact take from the enemy the strongest card he has against us.”

The PM explained that today a rocket launched out of Gaza at Israeli civilian areas costs only a few hundred dollars to make, but the Iron Dome interceptors used to bring down such a rocket cost Israel thousands of dollars. He called this an illogical equation that allows terrorists to launch more and more Qassams at Israel while the country spends millions, even billions, to defend itself.

“The equation will be reversed,” he declared. “They will invest a lot and us a little. If it is possible to intercept a missile or rocket with an electric pulse that costs a few dollars, we are actually nullifying the ring of fire that Iran has set up on our borders.”

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Bennett’s announcement comes amidst the backdrop of the IDF’s Momentum Plan, a multi-year program to create what some call a “sharper, more lethal” IDF. The plan, unveiled in 2019 by Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, will digitally network the fighting units and see major investment in drones, precision-guided munitions, air defense systems and artificial intelligence.

World Israel News staff contributed to this report.