Bennett is a ‘puppet of his partners,’ says Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu mocks Prime Minister at Likud rally in Tel Aviv.

By World Israel News Staff

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu ridiculed Naftali Bennett as a “puppet” Prime Minister at a Likud rally in Tel Aviv on Thursday night.

Labeling Bennett is a “puppet of his partners,” Netanyahu said mockingly. “Yair Lapid is the prime minister for foreign affairs, Benny Gantz is the prime minister for defense and Avigdor Liberman is the prime minister for finance.”

Israel is governed by an eight-party coalition, the largest in Israeli history, with Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Yemina party serving as prime minister. His coalition partners are a mix of right, centrist and left-wing parties who united to oust Netanyahu from power.

For the first time, an Arab party, Ra’am, is also in Israel’s governing coalition.

Netanyahu courted Ra’am’s support in April when the former prime minister unsuccessfully tried to cobble together a 61-seat Knesset coalition.

Netanyahu’s 29-year-old son, Yair, used similar language in a recent interview with One America News, calling Bennett a “leftist puppet.”

During Netanyahu’s speech, a heckler interrupted, shouting “Bennett and Lapid must die.”

Netanyahu responded that if the heckler was planted, he “did his job,” and if he was not a plant, he was a “fool” whose words were “unacceptable.”

Netanyahu insists he will topple the government and become prime minister again.