Biblical plague? 3 killed as scorpions swarm Egyptian city

Scorpions descend on Aswan, Egypt, killing three and wounding 450 people.

By World Israel News Staff

Residents of Aswan, Egypt were sent scrambling as a mass of scorpions and snakes descended upon the southern Nile city, in a scene reminiscent of a Biblical plague.

Three people were killed and at least 450 were wounded from scorpion stings in a one day period, Egyptian officials reported on Saturday, after violent thunderstorms and hail had dislodged the scorpions from their regular hangouts.

Seeking safety from the elements, the creatures swarmed Aswan en masse, making their way into private homes, apartments, and the streets of the city.

The Egyptian black fat-tail scorpion is one of the world’s deadliest predatory arachnids. Just one fat-tail sting contains enough venom to kill an adult in less than an hour.

The adverse weather conditions also included sandstorms and high winds, which felled electricity lines and led to power cuts which slowed down emergency response times.

The scorpion onslaught caused the Egyptian Health Ministry to assume an emergency protocol and redirect its doctors from giving COVID-19 vaccinations to treating scorpion stings.

Health Ministry official Ehab Hanafy told Al-Ahram news agency that doctors had been called back from vacation and weekend breaks to provide support for scorpion sting victims. Anti-venom was distributed at local health clinics and hospitals, he added.

As of Sunday, 80 people were being treated at Aswan University Hospital, with hundreds of others receiving care at nearby medical centers.

While snakes were also reportedly washed out of their usual habitats and flooded into the town, the deaths and serious injuries were all due to scorpion stings.

Aswan’s governor, Ashraf Attia, advised residents to stay away from areas with trees or heavy brush.

Meteorologists believe that the harsh weather conditions will likely continue for another 24 hours.

Schools in Aswan have been closed until further notice.