Expel Israeli Jews to the US, suggests Swedish politician

A Swedish parliamentary candidate and pro-Palestinian activist announced in an interview that she would solve the Israeli-Palestinian by shipping Jews from Israel to the US.

By: World Israel News Staff

A Swedish politician and Palestinian advocate named Oldoz Javidi recently declared in an interview that she believes the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to expel Israel Jews to the United States.

After accusing Israel of “occupy[ing] another country” and “stealing” the Palestinians’ “freedom,” Javidi concluded, “Israel’s best friend is the United States, another infernal regime with vastly large land areas. So why don’t they invite their friends over and make room for them? They seem to do well in each other’s company,” reported the Jerusalem Post.

“Then the Palestinians can live in peace and rebuild the land that once was theirs,” Javidi stated.

Javidi was immediately blasted by writer and activist Annika Rothstein, who tweeted, “So… a candidate for parliament from the Swedish Feminist Party (FI) suggests ‘moving all the Jews from Israel to America’ as a solution to the ME conflict. Moving Jews against their will to solve a problem? Sounds like a final solution to me. Solid feminist politics.”

Rothstein’s last comment was a reference to Javidi’s affiliation with Sweden’s Feminist Initiative Party and the fact that the original comments appeared in an interview on a Swedish website called Feministiskt Perspektivon.

Javidi’s anti-Israel credentials include participating in the “Freedom Flotilla” in May, which set out from Gothenburg for Gaza, but stalled out in Sicily.

The Freedom Flotilla was modeled after a 2010 attempt by a vessel called the Mavi Marmara to breach Israel’s maritime security perimeter, a measure instituted to prevent the Hamas terror group from importing arms.

During that flotilla, pro-Palestinian activists, including a number of Turkish nationals, attacked IDF commandos with clubs, knives and metal rods, taking three soldiers captive during the ambush.

Eight Turkish nationals and one Turkish-American national were killed while Israeli forces took control of the illegal vessel as it traveled from Turkey to Hamas-controlled Gaza.

While flotilla participants for years denied Israel’s account of the attack, spokesperson of the Free Gaza Movement Greta Berlin recently confirmed in a secret pro-Palestinian British Facebook group that Israeli troops did not open fire until Ken O’Keefe, a former U.S. Marine aboard the Mavi Marmara, wrested a gun from one of the soldiers.

“He was responsible for some of the deaths on board the Mavi Marmara,” wrote Berlin. “Had he not disarmed an Israeli … soldier, they would not have started to fire. That’s enough. Most of you have no idea what you’re talking about.”