Students threaten boycott of Hebrew University over soldier’s harassment

Demands persist that the university fire a lecturer who reprimanded a student for wearing an IDF uniform.

By David Jablinowitz, World Israel News

Twelfth-grade students from the Nachalim Technology Center sent a letter to the Hebrew University on Wednesday to protest against a lecturer’s harassment of a female student who attended the class wearing her Israel Defense Forces uniform.

Apparently, in defense of an Arab student, the lecturer berated a female IDF soldier on Tuesday for wearing her uniform to class. The Arab student is said to have launched a verbal attack against the soldier.

The lecturer was identified as Dr. Carola Hilfrich, who according to Ynet told the student in uniform after the lecture: “You cannot be naïve and ask to be treated as a civilian when you are in uniform. You are a soldier in the Israeli army, and they will treat you accordingly.”

“Does it bother you that I wear my uniform to class?” the soldier-student reportedly asked the lecturer, telling Hilfrich that she must be tolerant and respectful of others.

A demonstration took place at the university on Wednesday in support of the soldier, with protesters holding signs saying, “We salute our soldiers. Be proud of your uniform,” and “Students demand honor for those who wear uniforms.”

After complaints were lodged, the lecturer apologized. However, demands persisted that the university fire Hilfrich. The Nachalim Technology Center 12th-graders who issued the boycott warning include some who intend to attend university before serving in the Israeli military. They are demanding “dramatic moves” against the lecturer.