Hamas terror group ‘salutes’ Jeremy Corbyn for ‘support and solidarity’

Hamas praised U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for supporting the Palestinian cause.

By JNS.org

The terrorist group Hamas issued a statement on Thursday to “salute” British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for showing “support and solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Corbyn has previously called Hamas his “friends.”

Hamas issued the comments in response to Corbyn’s recent statement supporting an anti-Semitic march in London last weekend commemorating the 71st anniversary of the so-called “nakba,” which is the Palestinian day mourning the State of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948.

Hamas deemed Corbyn’s statement an  “express[ion of] support and solidarity with the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights to freedom, independence and self-determination.”

“[Corbyn’s statement] also condemns the ongoing occupation and its crimes against our people, and reflects an advanced moral and political position worthy of all praise and thanks,” Hamas added.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism condemned the message.

“Only one leader of a British political party could expect to be ‘saluted’ by Hamas, the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organization. Clearly, Hamas feels that when it comes to Jews, Jeremy Corbyn is a brother in arms,” said its director, Gideon Falter.

“Who could say that they are wrong after he gave his fulsome backing to this weekend’s chilling anti-Semitic rally, which was so filled with Jew-hatred that both the National Front and the Muslim Brotherhood came along to support?” continued Falter. “Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite and unfit for public office.”