Hezbollah recovers Israeli drone

Hezbollah recovered an Israeli reconnaissance drone that crashed in Syria.

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group announced on Monday it recovered an Israeli reconnaissance drone downed by the Syrian military on Sunday.

Hezbollah-affiliated media reported the Syrian army shot down the drone as it was flying over the Quneitra area, adjacent to Israel’s border with Syria.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed the incident, but said the Skylark (Rochev Shamayim) unmanned drone crashed. The spokesman stressed the IDF did not fear any intelligence loss or security breach.

Hezbollah posted photos of the supposedly recovered drone, appearing intact. Presumably if the drone was shot, damage would be visible.

In January, an Israeli drone crashed near the border in southern Lebanon, apparently in a technical malfunction.

The Skylark drone, unveiled in 2006, is a mini close-range tactical unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system designed and manufactured by Elbit Systems to carry out intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance operations.

The UAV is primarily used for worst weather reconnaissance, data collection, and target marking for upwards of 50 km missions.

By: Aryeh Savir ,World Israel News