IDF discovers ‘suspects’ near security fence day after Lebanese border attack

The Israeli military announced on Tuesday night that a “number of suspects” were detected operating near the border fence.

By Ebin Sandler, World Israel News

On Tuesday night, the IDF announced, “A short time ago, a number of suspects were identified in the Western Galilee region, close to the border fence with Lebanon.”

The announcement arrives just one day after a major flare up along the border between Israel and Lebanon during which Hezbollah operatives attempted a cross-border attack that was thwarted by Israeli forces on the scene.

Israel remains prepared for a revenge attack from the Lebanese terror group connected to an airstrike in Syria last week for which Israel has been blamed in which a Hezbollah fighter was killed, among a number of other “foreign fighters.”

On Monday, the terror group claimed it is still planning to retaliate for that strike and Israel’s Channel 12 reported that Israeli troops are expecting an attack on the border with Lebanon no later than the start of the Muslim Eid al-Adha festival on Thursday evening.

“The incident is under surveillance by IDF forces,” the army statement added on Tuesday.

During the incident on Monday, there was reportedly an exchange of fire between IDF troops and Hezbollah members near Mount Dov in the Golan Heights.

Israeli authorities issued an order that all citizens remain indoors, a directive that was lifted several hours later.

While Hezbollah denied its involvement in the operation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning to the Lebanese terror group, telling its leaders they were “playing with fire.”

“Any attack against us will be met with great strength,” said the prime minister

Netanyahu added, “Nasrallah already made a major mistake in underestimating Israel’s determination to defend itself and Lebanon paid a heavy price for this. I suggest that he not repeat this mistake.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz also addressed reporters on Monday, commenting, “Israel is determined to prevent any threat to our sovereignty, our soldiers, and of course our citizens.”

Gantz added, “Anyone who threatens the IDF, endangers himself and the nation within which he operates. I repeat, the IDF is ready to respond, the IDF is ready to strike,” singling out Hezbollah’s host countries Lebanon and Syria.

Hezbollah receives massive amounts of aid from Iran and has gained control of large swathes of the government of Lebanon, which is currently facing a crippling economic crisis.

The terror group remains sworn to Israel’s destruction and possesses an arsenal of around 150,000 rockets that it routinely threatens to shower down on the Jewish state.