IDF strikes Gaza terrorists after drone attack on Israeli border

The Israeli military launched a counter-strike after terrorists from Gaza used a drone to drop an explosive device in Israel near the security barrier.

By World Israel News and AP

On Saturday, the IDF launched an airstrike hitting Palestinian terrorists behind an earlier drone attack from the Gaza Strip.

There were no reports of injuries on the Palestinian side.

The Israeli military struck back after Palestinian terrorists sent a drone into Israeli territory, dropping an explosive device and damaging an army vehicle near the security barrier.

On Friday, Palestinian in Gaza staged violent riots near the border. Two Palestinian rioters were shot dead, after which terrorists in Gaza fired five projectiles into Israel.

In Samaria, meanwhile, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed an Israeli father and his son near the town of Qalqilya.

Israeli medical services said the 17-year-old son was in a serious condition. The military says it’s examining the incident.