IDF to public: Don’t share info on secret Gaza operation

The IDF has asked the Israeli public not to reveal information that could help Hamas understand this month’s deadly clash in Gaza. 

By Jack Gold, World Israel News

The IDF’s Military Censor published an extraordinary announcement on Thursday, calling on the public not to publish information about a clash between IDF Special Forces and Hamas terrorists that occurred in Gaza earlier this month.

“Hamas is trying to decipher and understand the incident that took place deep in Gaza, and any item of information, even if it is considered harmless by its publishers, could endanger human life and harm state security,” the statement said.

Col. Ariella Ben-Avraham was referring to the incident during which IDF Lt. Col. M. was killed and another IDF officer wounded during a reconnaissance mission inside Gaza.

Six Hamas terrorists, including a senior officer, also died in the shootout.

The full circumstances of Lt. Col. M.’s death are shrouded in secrecy, and his funeral was closed to the public.

“Regardless of the credibility of the information published by Hamas, we ask you to refrain from expanding the publication of pictures, personally identifiable information or other personal information that you have received in the media, social networks, Whatsapp groups and any other media platform,” the head censor stated.

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Israeli media has been publishing information on the clash on an almost-daily basis, presumably after receiving clearance from the censor. Lt. Col. M.’s picture and personal information were posted on social media, including by a number of Israeli politicians.