Iran hit with double terror attacks

Iran, the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism, was hit by two terror attacks in its capital.

Tehran, Iran’s capital, was hit by two terror attacks on Wednesday morning, in which at least two people were killed and several others wounded.

In the first attack, four men fired at the guards protecting the parliament building, killing one and wounding 12.

According to initial reports, one attacker entered the building while shooting at guards, leading to the injury of an IRGC guard and six civilians.

Some reports say the injured were civilians who had come to visit their deputies; other sources say they were high-ranking officials.

There are unconfirmed reports that one of the shooters was captured.

There are also contradicting accounts about three assailants trapped in the offices of the deputies. They are reportedly carrying two Kalashnikov assaults rifles and a handgun and may be holding hostages.

The clashes at the site reportedly continue, while Iran’s security forces say the situation is under control.

In the second, almost simultaneous attack, several assailants raided the shrine of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, south of Tehran, killing one and wounding two in a bomb attack and shooting spree.

Three of the attackers shot tens of rounds at people visiting the shrine, while the fourth detonated a bomb in a suicide attack in front of a police station opposite the shrine.

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Some reports say the suicide bomber was a female.

Reports indicate the incident is ongoing, while others say that one of the assailants was killed in the clashes, a second committed suicide after swallowing a cyanide capsule, and the third was a female captured after clashes with law enforcement troops.

In addition to being lethal, the attack on the shrine of Khomeini is symbolically stunning. As Iran’s first Supreme Leader, Khomeini is a towering figure in the country and was its revolutionary leader in the 1979 ouster of the shah.

Iran is also known as the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism.

Several Arab media outlets claimed that the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group is behind the attacks, but afterwards removed the news report from their websites.

Iran’s Interior Ministry will hold an urgent security meeting in the wake of the attacks.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News
AP contributed to this report.