ISIS brags of committing over 1100 suicide attacks in 2016

ISIS released a gruesome report tallying their suicide attacks in Syria and Iraq in 2016.

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group committed 1112 “martyrdom operations” in Syria and Iraq over the course of 2016 at an average of three bombings a day.
The Amaq news agency, linked to ISIS, released an infographic on Tuesday with the frightening statistics, which were meticulously documented by ISIS.

The breakdown is as following:
Attacks against the Iraqi army and Peshmerga forces in Iraq – 761
Attacks against the Assad regime forces in Syria – 133
Attacks against the Kurdish PKK militia – 135
Attacks against Turkish forces – 83

Types of attacks:
Explosive belts – 214
Explosive vests – 82
Car bombs – 797
Car and truck bombs – 18
Motorcycle bombing – 1

Breakdown by month:
January – 85
February – 89
March – 112
April – 83
May – 109
June – 56
July – 69
August 0 53
September – 120
October – 132
November – 107

Areas that were hit especially hard were the Anbar province in Iraq with 193 attacks, Nineveh province in Iraq with 311 attacks, and the Aleppo region in Syria with 150 attacks.

It is of significance to note that:
A. These numbers do not include all other forms of attacks and encounters in battle.
B. These numbers pertain only to attacks in Syria and Iraq, Attacks elsewhere in the world, including in Europe, were not counted here.

By: World Israel News Staff