Israel arrests 16 Palestinian fugitives, Lions’ Den terrorist among them

Overall, 31 Israelis have been killed in Palestinian terror attacks in 2022.

By Pesach Benson, TPS

Israeli security forces in Judea and Samaria arrested 16 Palestinian terror suspects in Monday night counterterror raids, including a member of the Lions’ Den group who was responsible for several shooting attacks on soldiers.

The Israel Defense Forces said it arrested 26-year-old Lions’ Den terrorist Wasim Zaher Estitiyeh in Shechem (Nablus).

Other suspects were arrested amid Palestinian violence in other villages.

In the village of Ya’bad, near Jenin, Palestinians threw an explosive device at soldiers and gunfire was heard in the area.

In the village of Anata, near Jerusalem, Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails at soldiers who used riot-control measures to break up the violence.

During a raid in Beit Ummar, in the Hebron area, soldiers confiscated two hunting rifles and other military equipment.

In an ongoing sweep against terror in Judea and Samaria, the IDF has thwarted 500 terror attacks and arrested more than 2,500 suspects. Operation Wave Breaker was launched by the IDF following a surge of Palestinian terror attacks in the spring of 2022 which killed 19 people.

Overall, 31 people have been killed in Palestinian terror attacks in 2022.