Israel extends incoming travel rules through March 7

Government updates Green Pass regulations so that passes will only be required for mass gatherings.


The coronavirus cabinet voted on Tuesday to extend Israel’s travel restrictions through March 7, including only allowing fully vaccinated visitors into the country and requiring them to take a coronavirus test before takeoff and upon landing.

However, the cabinet did decide to reduce restrictions on outbound travelers beginning next week, on Feb. 8. The obligation to take a coronavirus test before leaving Israel has been lifted for both passengers and crew.

Moreover, a passenger with symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days before takeoff will be able to board aircraft if the individual performs an antigen test and gets a negative result. Currently, a PCR test is required.

The cabinet also voted to update the Green Pass outline, only requiring individuals to display a pass before entering a mass event. A full list of what qualifies as a “mass event” will soon be released, said the cabinet.

Green Passes will now be valid for anyone who has received his or her second shot within the last four months, in addition to people who have recovered within that time frame. The Green Passes issued to those who have received three or four shots will not expire.

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Health experts have said the Green Pass is less relevant during the Omicron wave, given the high number of breakthrough infections.

Admission to senior-living facilities will require an antigen test, the cabinet decided.

Finally, staff working in welfare, health and education institutions will still be required to test for the virus twice a week.

The cabinet’s decisions are subject to the approval of the Knesset.