Israeli forces nab Hamas cell operating in Jerusalem

The investigation of additional suspects continues, and in the coming days, additional indictments are expected, the police stated.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

The Israel Police and the Shin Bet security service have recently exposed and rounded up a Hamas terror cell that was active in Jerusalem.

The Police and Shin Bet conducted an investigation in recent weeks following suspected security violations and revealed that the suspects under surveillance worked to recruit operatives into the ranks of the Hamas terrorist organization in the neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem.

As part of the investigation, nine suspects were arrested in recent weeks throughout Jerusalem. Some of the suspects were arrested at home and some while traveling.

The investigation by the Shin Bet and the police shows that the suspects were in continuous contact with Hamas elements located “outside the country’s borders,” probably Turkey.

The Hamas elements directed the cell and financed them, intending to motivate their activity and recruit more activists in eastern Jerusalem.

Some of the suspects were caught in possession of evidence linking them to offenses attributed to them, the police said.

After an evidentiary foundation has been compiled, the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office is expected to file the first indictment against the main suspect, a city resident in his 40s.

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The investigation of additional suspects continues and in the coming days, additional indictments are expected, the police stated.

“The Israel Police and Shin Bet will continue to act resolutely with the security forces against terrorist operatives who try to harm the security of the state, and against hostile elements who are in contact with terrorist organizations and who work in their ranks and on their behalf,” they stated Monday.

Hamas has a headquarters in Turkey from which it directs and finances its activities in Israel and elsewhere. Despite the recent warming of relations between Jerusalem and Ankara, Hamas continues to operate in Turkey unhindered.