Israeli guards thwart weapons-smuggling from Gaza, arms hidden in furniture

Security guards thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons from the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel Ministry of Defense security guards thwarted an attempt to smuggle firearms, silencers and cartridges en en route from the Gaza Strip to Palestinian-administered areas of Judea and Samaria on Wednesday.

A furniture shipment from Gaza to Judea and Samaria aroused the guards’ suspicion, the Ministry said.

A closer inspection uncovered various types of firearms hidden inside the furniture in addition to loaded cartridges and silencers that were also confiscated.

According to initial assessments, the weapons were allegedly shipped for terror activity in Judea and Samaria and were transferred to security forces for further review.

Less than two weeks ago, Amman’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a Jordanian lawmaker was arrested by Israel after being caught smuggling hundreds of weapons and massive amounts of gold into Israel.

The lawmaker, identified as Imad Al-Adwan, was said to have been arrested crossing the Allenby Bridge border crossing, located approximately five kilometers east of the Palestinian Authority-administered city of Jericho, Jordanian media reported.