No ‘lone-wolf attacks’: Israeli minister compares PA to Nazi Germany, says it orchestrates terror

“It is important that we understand where these attacks are coming from. Attack after attack, after attack,” says National Missions Minister Orit Strook.

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli government minister compared the Palestinian Authority to Nazi Germany and accused the PA of orchestrating the recent wave of terrorist attacks.

National Missions Minister Orit Strook (Religious Zionist Party) addressed a Religious Zionist education conference in Eilat Tuesday evening, shortly after a terrorist ramming attack left two soldiers injured at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria.

Referencing the attack, which came on the heels of a number of recent acts of terror in Jerusalem and across Judea and Samaria, Strook argued that the uptick in violence was not due to “lone wolf” terrorism but, rather, was directed by Ramallah.

“It is important that we know who we are facing,” Strook said. “It is important that we understand where these attacks are coming from. Attack after attack, after attack. This is not a coincidence, these are not ‘lone wolf’ attacks.”

“There is a guiding hand here, and this hand is the hand of the Palestinian Authority. On Monday evening, Arafat’s former advisor stood at the Knesset podium and accused us of enacting a law that contradicts international law,” Strook continued, referring to Hadash-Ta’al MK Ahmad Tibi, who once served as an advisor to Yasser Arafat.

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Strook went on to compare the Palestinian Authority’s support for terrorism – in particular its stipends for jailed terrorists and the families of slain terrorists – to Nazi Germany and Haman, the biblical arch nemesis of the Jewish people in the Book of Esther.

Tibi “dares to say that we are contradicting international law when he, as Arafat’s advisor, is responsible for the only law book in the world that demands, calls for, and rewards the murder of Jews.”

“Let us understand, this is the Palestinian Authority. Those who raise its flag are raising the flag of an entity whose rule book says what was written only four times in history: In the days of Pharaoh, in the days of the evil Haman, in the days of Nazi Germany, and here next to us in the Palestinian Authority. A law book that says ‘kill Jews and whoever kills more Jews will get more.’”

The minister also cited antisemitic propaganda and terrorist incitement produced by the PA.

“Worse than that, a minister in the Palestinian Authority issues a pamphlet every Thursday evening that is distributed to all the imams in all the mosques about what should be spoken in the Friday sermons. He informs them, ‘You will talk about jihad, and how holy those who do jihad are.’

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“This is what we are dealing with. It is impossible to look the other way when we are forced to deal with such a reality. There is no nation, no country in the world that is forced to deal with such a reality of a rule book that calls for the murder of its citizens.”