Poll: American Jews back Israel’s response to Oct. 7th

Vast majority of American Jews say Israel’s response to Gaza invasion is ‘acceptable,’ according to new survey.

By World Israel News Staff

The vast majority of American Jews say Israel’s response to the invasion of October 7th has been “acceptable,” according to a new poll released this week.

The poll was conducted by the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) as part of its monthly Voice of the Jewish People Survey, and found that 83% of American Jews believe Israel’s response to Hamas’ invasion on October 7th has been either completely or somewhat acceptable, compared to a recent Pew Research Center poll which found just 62% said Israel’s actions were “acceptable.”

Orthodox Jews, self-described conservatives, and Trump-supporters were all far more likely to justify Israel’s response to October 7th than self-described liberal Jews, non-Orthodox Jews, and Biden supporters.

Just one percent of conservative leaning and three percent of strongly conservative Jews say Israel’s response is somewhat or completely unacceptable, while 98% of conservative leaners and 97% of strongly conservative Jews say Israel’s actions are either completely or somewhat acceptable.

The figures were identical for Jewish Trump supporters, 97% of whom said Israel’s response to October 7th was either completely or somewhat acceptable, compared to 69% of Biden’s Jewish supporters.

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Ninety-seven percent of ultra-Orthodox Jews and 95% of modern Orthodox Jews said Israel’s actions in Gaza are acceptable, compared to 75% of Reform Jews and 85% of Conservative Jews.

The survey also found a significant number of American Jews are considering voting for one of the third-party candidates running for president this November against President Joe Biden and his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Sixty-one percent of American Jews say they would vote for Biden if elections were held today, the poll found, compared to 17% who said they would vote for Donald Trump and 10% who would vote for another candidate, with 11% undecided.

Last November, the survey found Biden’s support at 68% among American Jews, compared to 22% who favor Trump, with the remainder being undecided.

Orthodox Jews were the most likely to say they plan to vote for Trump, with 67% of ultra-Orthodox and 44% of modern Orthodox Jews backing the former president, compared to 16% of Reform Jews, 19% of Conservative Jews, 32% of unaffiliated Jews, and 18% of those in the “Other” category.

Biden leads Trump among every religious stream polled except for the two Orthodox groups, with support from 13% of the ultra-Orthodox, 24% of modern Orthodox, 61% of Conservatives, 71% of Reform Jews, 45% of the unaffiliated, and 54% of those listed as “Other.”

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