Israeli official: Iran is sending arms to Syria disguised as earthquake aid

Israel would not hesitate to strike, the official warned.

By World Israel News Staff

An Israeli military official warned Iran against shipping weapons to its terror proxies in Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid to Syria following the deadly earthquake, saying the IDF would not hesitate to strike, the Saudi-owned news site Elaph reported on Thursday.

“There is information indicating that Iran will take advantage of the tragic situation in Syria” to ship “weapons, devices, and systems” to Hezbollah and other Iran-backed terror groups in Syria, the unnamed official told the site.

Doing so would result in a “strong military response from us without hesitation,” the official warned.

Israel was monitoring trucks and equipment that Iran is sending to the victims of the devastating earthquake that has claimed the lives of over 17,000 people so far, the site said.

Elaph also cited the official as saying that Israel was “ready to transport any medicines or needs to the earthquake victims everywhere if the need arises and it is asked to do so,”

Israel has carried out dozens of strikes against Iranian targets in Syria, including weapon shipments disguised as innocuous products like fruit and vegetables.