Israeli startups tell you what kind of air you’re breathing

Two Israeli startups help people know the air quality inside and out.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

You’ll be looking at Israeli tech every time you check the weather on Apple’s iOS weather app. The Israeli startup Breezometer, which measures air quality at the user’s location, has been integrated into the Apple app.

The new feature will be part of the iOS 14.3 update and will be available in five countries to start: UK, Germany, Mexico, India, and the U.S., co-founder and CTO Emil Fisher reports on the company’s website.

The feature provides local air quality index (LAQI) through a color scale. “This allows users to monitor air quality and make immediate and informed decisions that reduce their exposure to air pollution,” Fisher writes.

Additional information can be accessed, including:

  • Air quality map
  • Pollutant Levels
  • Pollen levels
  • Health-related recommendations for sensitive populations
  • Environmental forecast

Another Israeli startup joins Breezometer in helping people know their air. Website Geektime reports that Israeli startup Crisipfy checks the quality of air in cars, including the presence of viruses like Covid-19.

“Crispify’s system is installed in vehicles and monitors and controls in-cabin air quality. As part of the system, sensors feed data from inside and outside the vehicle, monitoring micro particles, dust, bacteria, viruses, gas, chemicals, temperature, and basically every kind of pollutant that can harm you or your passengers,” Geektime reports.

“We have developed the first mobile and independent system for in-cabin use. Crispify’s main advantages include its complete adaption of both its hardware and software technologies to the automotive industry,” CEO and co-founder Adam Feldman told the site.