Killer cloth: New Israeli mask 99% effective against coronavirus

The company recently verified that their unique fabric application was found to be over 99 percent effective against coronavirus in EU-authorized laboratory tests.

By Josh Plank, World Israel News

Israeli start-up Sonovia has verified that its improved anti-microbial fabric is capable of neutralizing 99 percent of the coronavirus to which it is exposed.

Since this test material was submitted several months ago, Sonovia’s proprietary zinc-coating formulations have been optimized even further.

The new fabric is already being used in the company’s SonoMask, which is commercially available on Sonovia’s website.

The SonoMask is reusable and has been tested to be effective even after being washed 90 times.

In addition to neutralizing coronavirus on contact, the double-layered mask also filters 98 percent of particles of up to five microns.

This SonoMask has been approved by the FDA for non-medical use and is in the process of FDA testing as a new category of protective equipment for healthcare workers.

The company’s technology is based on a lab-scale sono-chemical process that was developed at Bar-Ilan University.

“The technology is based upon a physical phenomenon called cavitation,” Dr. Jason Migdal, a research scientist with Sonovia, told The Jerusalem Post.

“Sound waves are used to physically infuse desired chemicals onto the structure area of materials, enhancing them with clinically proven antiviral and antibacterial properties,” he said.

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The Tel Aviv-based company started manufacturing its product in March at a plant near Nahariya.

“When coronavirus started, we were an Israeli start-up,” said Dr. Migdal. “Now, we are a commercial business that is having success internationally.”

The SonoMask is now available on Sonovia’s website