Netanyahu confirms Israel attacked Iranian targets in Syria

Prior to leaving for a major meeting in Poland, Netanyahu commented on the Israeli strike on Monday and stressed that Iran is the focus of the Warsaw Mideast summit.

By Associated Press

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to reporters before departing for Poland on Tuesday, explaining that Israel enjoys “very good relations” with every country in the region “except Syria.”

He also confirmed Israel carried out a strike against Iran in Syria a day before.

According to Netanyahu, the focus of Wednesday’s Mideast conference in Warsaw will be Iran, an issue he says “unites Israel, the United States, many countries in the world.”

Wednesday’s conference is co-hosted by the U.S. and Poland and its official focus is Mideast peace and security.

Around 80 countries are participating, including Israel. Iran was not invited, nor will the Palestinians have any representation at the summit.

Netanyahu says he doesn’t think the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan will be discussed.

Rather, he says, participating countries will address “the most important topic for our national security,” namely, Iran.