Iranian opposition leader urges US, Israel to bomb Iran ‘before it’s too late’

‘If we don’t hit Iran soon, it will become nuclear, and then too late,’ warns Iranian opposition leader.

By World Israel News Staff

Iranian opposition leader and former political prisoner Vahid Beheshti spoke at an event arranged by the Middle East Forum in Congress on Thursday, urging the U.S. and Israel to use military force to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program.

At the event, Beheshti addressed American leaders, urging them to act before Iran obtains an atomic weapon, a step, he said, that would turn a “paper tiger” into a serious global threat.

“The Iranian regime is weak, it’s a paper tiger,” said Beheshti, who in January became the first member of the Iranian Opposition to address the Knesset.

“The Iranian regime created 18 proxies around the region, but my message to the U.S. is not to spend your time fighting proxies, aim for the head of the octopus. Israel knows that they are not fighting Hamas solely, they are fighting Iran. Without Iran, Hamas wouldn’t have survived a few weeks.”

“Ninety percent of the Iranian people are against the regime. The moment Americans and their allies hit the Iranian regime, the people of Iran will rise up and finish the job.”

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Beheshti said that the Hamas invasion of October 7th and the subsequent massacres were inspired by the $6 billion hostage deal between Tehran and the Biden administration.

“For four decades, the Iranian regime has taken our people hostage, forcing the West to sit around the negotiating table to provide the funds that they need,” Beheshti explained.

“Three weeks before October 7th, the current U.S. administration released $6 billion in exchange for five hostages. Of course, they will push Hamas to take 250 hostages, imagine what they can get for that many hostages.”

Beheshti called upon the different parts of the Iranian opposition to unite in the common cause in this sacred war to save the free world.

“The Iranian regime has a strategy to ruin the free democratic West from within, to turn our world into an Islamic state. They use our system of democracy to weaken America and Europe by aggressive lobbying and radicalizing our youth, to turn them into the enemies of our deeply held values. This is a long-term plan.”

“If we don’t defeat it now, soon it will be too late when they gain nuclear weapons capability. They will use it.”

Gregg Roman, the director of the Middle East Forum, a think tank that promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects Western values from Middle Eastern threats, said: “Mr. Beheshti doesn’t only talk the talk but walks the walk. We are glad to bring people like Vahid Beheshti to Washington to deliver their important mission, to push forward the people-led regime change in Iran.”

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