Palestinians killed while planting bomb on Gaza border

IDF forces thwarted an attempt by Palestinian terrorists to place a bomb on the Gaza border fence. 

IDF forces identified three suspicious-looking Palestinians approaching the border fence separating Israel from Gaza on Tuesday night and fired at them, killing one and wounding the other two.

According to an IDF spokesman, security identified three questionable figures by the security fence east of Rafah, in southern Gaza, and a tank fired at them.

The three-man terror cell was suspected of being in the process of placing an explosive charge that would have later detonated against IDF forces patrolling the border.

According to Palestinian sources in Gaza, the fatality was Yousuf Abu Azara, 18.

One of the injured sustained severe wounds, the Palestinian health ministry reported.

The IDF has recently exposed and dismantled similar explosive devices.

Earlier this month, Israeli soldiers disarmed two improvised explosive devices near the security fence surrounding the northern Gaza Strip.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News