Parents pull kids from woke Jewish day school teaching critical race theory

“They are teaching these kids terrible things, teaching them to feel bad about themselves,” said a parent.

By Josh Plank, World Israel News

Fed-up parents are beginning to pull their children from a private Jewish day school in New York due to concerns with the school’s teaching of critical race theory, the father of a former student told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

Harvey Goldman, the concerned parent who withdrew his 9-year-old daughter from the $43,000-per-year Abraham Joshua Heschel School last year, said, “They are teaching these kids terrible things, teaching them to feel bad about themselves, and it’s really awful.”

Goldman said that when he complained to school administrators that his daughter was being taught to feel badly about the color of her skin, he was told that if he didn’t like their teachings, he could take his money and leave. So he did.

“I’ve gotten quite a few calls from parents at the school, and they are pulling their kids out. They are not happy about what is being taught to their children,” said Goldman.

“I’m not sure what else they could do but teach the schools a lesson by pulling their kids out and getting their money out,” he said.

Goldman told Carlson that his parents were Holocaust survivors who came to America for a better life.

“They came here with nothing. They worked their whole lives so we could have what we have in this country. It’s America, and they should be taught that everybody is treated equally. And that’s not what they’re teaching our children now,” he said.

“These children go to a park, and they want to play. They don’t care what color the other kids are. They care that they’re having fun,” said Goldman.

The Heschel School issued a statement questioning Goldman’s motives and accusing him of “fundamentally misrepresenting” their curriculum.

“His family informed us last summer that they would likely relocate to Florida for financial reasons. We were surprised to read about his new explanation for the move and question his motives for making such statements at this time,” the school said.

Goldman has in fact moved to Florida, but said he wrote the administration a letter last September after the school’s racial curriculum came to his attention.

“First and foremost, neither I nor my child have ‘white privilege,’ nor do we need to apologize for it,” Goldman said in his letter.

“Suggesting I do is insulting. Suggesting to my 9-year-old child she does is child abuse, not education,” he said.